Contemplative Poem Nine

O true Sea,
O true tide of my rocky shore,
O true place where I find my soul,
O ship-wreck to those who despise you,
Salty measure of the moon!

O only diametric tide,
The didactic sea horse that does not throw its rider,
(our sandy place of peace and seashell solace),
Surge to island beaches!

O unrelenting power abiding,
O untamed are nature’s depths in hiding,
Our pregnant mother!

O Seaweed turning in your underwater tryst,
O Nourishment from every krill to fish,
O Kelp upon the tide pool bares its barnacled breast,
O Pilings holding to the sand’s grail,
O Terror of the ship through tempest’s wail,

Our first amendment!

Contemplative Poem Ten

O true Sun,
O true light of earth,
O true star on which we depend,
O burning peril of our atmosphere,
Source of all green life!

O only undeterred figure,
You cross the sky each day,
(and never fail to rise in precious morn),
Intellectual brightness!

O center of our solar system’s mire,
O unrelenting heat in desert’s fire,
An axis of greater stars!

O Farmer with his agricultural plough,
O Planter of the cultivated brow,
O Tropical jungle green heat burning bright,
O Moon and planets’ father through the night,
O Strong-willed child that will not bend in flight,
All life encircles you!

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