Contemplative Poem Five

O true Ancestors,
O true heritage of grace,
O true men and women of my colony,
O waters of my truest face,
Resurrect me!

O only line of my surviving race,

Humanity’s heart beating in an open space,
(do not regret my place on earth),
Be thanked!

O ancestry of my civilian blood,

O parental call of servant hood,

O Subject of my long lineage,

O Object of my aim to mesh,
O Creators of my flesh,
O Hope of future children,
O Patriarchs and Matriarchs,
Look down from heaven!


Contemplative Poem Six

O true Benefactors,
O true patrons of my corporation,
O true financial foundation,
O supporters of my restoration,
Incorporate me!

O only officers of my accountability,

The ones for whom I give my all,
(and to whom I give account),
Please call!

O holistic leadership behind successful lures,

O panacea for my failure,
Ride on!

O Harness of the horse,

O Trainer of the colt,
O Mentors of my progression,
O Delineators of my succession,
O Insurers that I am an asset not a liability,
See me clearly!