Contemplative Poem One

O true Home,
O true birth place,
O true haven or throne,
O spirit of comforting lace,
Be my reality!

O only place, at present,
Where I have decided to dwell,
(and not resent),
Be built up!

O highest aim of my maturity,
O refuge from the rain, the world and all its pain,
Shelter me!

O Subject of my present,
O Object of my future,
O Obsession with my work,
O Space between my hands and feet,
O Triune spiritual night-light,
Integrate me!


Contemplative Poem Two

O true Family,
O true cupped hands,
O true receiver of my human humility,
O people of my home land,
Resound with purpose!

O only resonant lovers,
The mother and father who created me,
(and did not tear me down),
Be famous!

O braider of my hair, holder of the comb,
O valued members that share my home,
Visualize me!

O Subject of my breath,
O Object of my flesh,
O Relegated source of education,
O Test between nurture and nature,
O Singers of the night-time carol,
Enfold me!


Contemplative Poem Three

O true Sisters,
O true girlhood memoir,
O true women of my heart,
O well drawn devoir,
Sing your chorale!

O only girls with whom I share
My dreams, and let do my hair,
(and not criticize my ways),
Be praised!

O those girls who held my hand,
O sharers of my secret lands,
Validate me!

O Subject of my songs,
O Object of my strongest derision,
O Sworn keepers of the pact,
O Resting on my inner vision
O Muses of poetry vast,
Promise me!


Contemplative Poem Four

O true Brothers,
O true boys of my branches,
O true men of my heart’s tree,
O well planted oaks,
Drivers of my soul!

O only boys with whom I share toys,
Blackberries, and mother’s pies,
(and not upset my dolls and joys ),
Be raised!

O those who sailed the ship’s imagined veins,
O those who flew the paper airplanes,

O Subject of my happiness,
O Object of my gathering,
O Hunters of the deer,
O Partakers of the family meal,
O Listeners who don’t grow restless,
Read me!


Contemplative Poem Five

O true Ancestors,
O true heritage of grace,
O true men and women of my colony,
O waters of my truest face,
Resurrect me!

O only line of my surviving race,

Humanity’s heart beating in an open space,
(do not regret my place on earth),
Be thanked!

O ancestry of my civilian blood,

O parental call of servant hood,

O Subject of my long lineage,

O Object of my aim to mesh,
O Creators of my flesh,
O Hope of future children,
O Patriarchs and Matriarchs,
Look down from heaven!


Contemplative Poem Six

O true Benefactors,
O true patrons of my corporation,
O true financial foundation,
O supporters of my restoration,
Incorporate me!

O only officers of my accountability,

The ones for whom I give my all,
(and to whom I give account),
Please call!

O holistic leadership behind successful lures,

O panacea for my failure,
Ride on!

O Harness of the horse,

O Trainer of the colt,
O Mentors of my progression,
O Delineators of my succession,
O Insurers that I am an asset not a liability,
See me clearly!


Contemplative Poem Seven

O true Country,
O true place of my beginnings,
O true inviter of the alien,
O night ship’s harbor,

O only platform in our vulnerability,

The uniform of our individuality,
(and to whom we salute),
Our native land!

O orthodox beginning,

O leader of a people through the wilderness,
Speak our narrative!

O Place of great interior health,

O Grace for mystery and stealth,
O Beholder of the children’s hounds,
O Keeper of the wealth,
O Safety of the many peoples within your bounds,
May your borders be safe!


Contemplative Poem Eight

O true Land,
O true high mount of my citadel,
O true boundary of my worth,
O territory as long as it is wide,
Fight to defend!

O only generous benefactor,

The dimensions of our faith and of our deeds,
(and to whom we look for conscience),
Our kitchen fire!

O force to drive our law abiding,

O collaboration with the model citizen,
Seek our compliance!

O Valleys in the mist to forested peaks,

O Western plains with rodeo stud,
O Prairie fields of hard red wheat,
O Snow-cleared iced canal, and river mud,
O Territories vast to island roads last,
May your prayers be those of many faces!


Contemplative Poem Nine

O true Sea,
O true tide of my rocky shore,
O true place where I find my soul,
O ship-wreck to those who despise you,
Salty measure of the moon!

O only diametric tide,
The didactic sea horse that does not throw its rider,
(our sandy place of peace and seashell solace),
Surge to island beaches!

O unrelenting power abiding,
O untamed are nature’s depths in hiding,
Our pregnant mother!

O Seaweed turning in your underwater tryst,
O Nourishment from every krill to fish,
O Kelp upon the tide pool bares its barnacled breast,
O Pilings holding to the sand’s grail,
O Terror of the ship through tempest’s wail,

Our first amendment!

Contemplative Poem Ten

O true Sun,
O true light of earth,
O true star on which we depend,
O burning peril of our atmosphere,
Source of all green life!

O only undeterred figure,
You cross the sky each day,
(and never fail to rise in precious morn),
Intellectual brightness!

O center of our solar system’s mire,
O unrelenting heat in desert’s fire,
An axis of greater stars!

O Farmer with his agricultural plough,
O Planter of the cultivated brow,
O Tropical jungle green heat burning bright,
O Moon and planets’ father through the night,
O Strong-willed child that will not bend in flight,
All life encircles you!


Contemplative Poem Eleven

O true Prayer,
O true place of lowly saints,
O true incense in a holy place,
O inner hope lifted high,
We ask for our needs!

O only unfragmented reel,

You record our organic questions,
(and don’t fail to note our authenticity),
We asked for a higher power!

O central consensus of results,

O determination of our pursuit,
You are the beloved!

O Mother bird with lifted wings,

O Shield us from the snares of earth,
O Protect us from our vices and our things,
O Deliver us from desires that we birth,
O Fly in us from corruption to your resurrection,
We will not be deceived!


Contemplative Poem Twelve

O true Meditation,
O true mindset of the peaceful,
O true kindness to one’s inner self,
O reflection of our state of heart,
We see beyond the obvious!

O only repetitive practice,
Resigning my focus to the most essential,
(do I dare look away and be distracted),
There is so little concentration these days!

O I have made a plan sublime,
O I have set aside time to dive into divine,
You are the symbol kind!

O Seers unprepared for your embrace,
O Original fish net of the human race,
O Determine now our moments and our days,
O Communicate your mind to us with grace,
O I am an instrument of your music,
Retune me from within!


Contemplative Poem Thirteen

O true Contemplation,
O true settling of the day,
O true vision of the anointed,
O invoking of my daily cry to thee,
Conceive me!

O only moment of understanding censured,
Bringing the incarnation of the holy nature,
(a moment when heaven touches earth),
Heaven, give us birth!

O I have eaten of an innocent tree,
O I have absconded good and evil,
You are the tree of life!

O Keep me sure-footed on the path,
O Keep my mind and heart secure with deadbolts,
O Where they cross, your crucifix or wrath,
O You are the measure of my inner revolt,
O Thank you each day for sharing your thoughts,
You are guardian of the contemplative’s chamber!


Contemplative Poem Fourteen

O true Lion,
O true King of Beasts,
O true stalker in the desert,
O seeker of prey,
I fear you!

O only predator who has right to hunt,
A prey that cannot him escape,
(a prayer I can’t enunciate),
The pale sand speaks and roars!

O I have been consumed,
O I have forgotten your love, presumed,
You are savage!

O Keep me flying from your claws,
O Keep me rising with wings into the sky,
O You approach, it sounds, your dusty paws,
O You are the one for whom I rise,
O I relinquish my physique, worn beneath your grip,
Then I am re-knit!


Contemplative Poem Fifteen

O true Unicorn,
O true mythical companion,
O true hidden generator,
O energy of the spirit world,
Do not bow to me!

O only co-creator,
A soft wind from your wood flute,
(a bearded whimsical),
You sell ideas in dreams!

O I have composed,
O I have felt your grip upon my throat,
You are poet to me!

O Keep me from your dangerous rage,
O You are on the mountaintop as sage,
O Keep me finding irises in watercolor,
O You are in the dark, a savior,
O I will not detest your power,
Silvered horn!


Contemplative Poem Sixteen

O true Lamb,
O true kindness to my outstretched hand,
O true follower,
O one who lays its head beneath my crook,
Be my snowy flock!

O only copacetic,
The sound of your hooves is familiar,
(as we travel up to Oliver),
My source of sharp sheep’s cheese!

O I have called you lamb,
O I have led you,
You can lie down!

O I will fight for you,
O You are on the pleasant plane,
O I have slept in dew,
O You are next to heather’s flame,
O do not rest except in me,
My lovely lamb!


Contemplative Poem Seventeen

O true Shepherd,
O true leadership in strife,
O true firm voice through the rocky night,
O one who lays it bare with toil and with sweat,
Be thou my rod and staff!

O only pastoral one,
Alone you face the rugged plain,
(the lion and the wolf are slain),
You warm yourself by firelight!

O you have called me lamb,
O you have wandered by the stars,
Your branches, kindling charred!

O I will scoop the ashes of your life,
O Olive oil, I turn the tallow into soap,
O Your lonely flute is lithe,
O Not one lamb is tied with rope,
O I shall trust your mischievous crook,
Pastoral Pan!


Contemplative Poem Eighteen

O true Lighthouse,
O true lamp in the storm,
O true clarity in strife,
O director of our course at sea,

O only mediator,
Every ship thanks your light,
(the storm is abated by your power),
Brighter still!

O you have been unyielding virtue,
O diviner of the way through the dark,

O Beam of hope,
O Star of deepest inky black,
O Gleam of paradise,
O Not a ship before you crashed,
O You would keep us on,


Contemplative Poem Nineteen

O true Road,
O true way upon the landscape,
O true path through the unscoped wilds,
O trek over the mount of a thousand trees,

O only highway,
Every desert is crisscrossed in pattern,
(our primitive attempts to reach oasis lands),

O decider of the ways of humankind,
O men and women travelling through the night,
Lead on!

O You shall be raised,
O You shall rise above the trajectories,
O All beings carnal shall not overcome you,
O Your leadership is supreme,
O You arrive and depart,
Immutable clay!


Contemplative Poem Twenty

O true Inn,
O true resting place,
O true home of my home,
O water of a hundred dusty hands,
Magnify your heart!

O only home by the side of the road,
Every washbowl speaks of comfort,
(our hands and feet are cleansed anew),
Invite us!

O invitation of the open door,
O abode of people in the night,
Your hospitality!

O Yesteryears by lantern light,
O Nocturnal refuge from craggy height,
O Long plank tables piled high with food,
O Wine that lasts the night,
O Oil upon the head is poured,
We will stay!


Contemplations of the Cloistered Heart

These thirteen poems are spiritual contemplations that invite a multi-cultural experience of prayer and edification. You may use these poems for personal reflection, or reproduce them to participate in a spiritual exercise of communing with the Divine.

By Emily Isaacson. May be reproduced for contemplative exercise.

Contemplation One.

O true Mother,
O true circle that surrounds,
O true love that bore,
O spirit of nourishment,

O only door
into the realms of the earth and nature,
(mountain, river, and sea)

O Midwife of life and all its richness,
O Sewer of the stitched tapestry,

O Servant of the family way,
O Observer of the baby’s play,
O Baker of the leavened loaf,
O Helper of the cooking fire,
O Wine of eventide is poured,
Walk last behind the child!

Contemplation Two

O true Father,
O true provider,
O true guidance,
O spirit of protection,

O parental soul
of the child in three dimensions,
(mind, body, spirit)

O leader of the family home,
O covenant partner of the sacred union,

O Restorer of the cell of procreation,
O Reassurance of the universe’s ordering of life,
O Strong tower, be a place of refuge
O City on a hill, now lighthouse to the ocean’s roar,
O Fortress of ongoing safety amid strife,

Contemplation Three

O true Elder,
O true watcher of the people,
O true gain of wisdom,
O spirit of times past,

O only illuminator
of the three dimensions of time,
(child, parent, elder)

O smoldering smudging burning,
O lighted flame of future vision,

O Sound advice from depth of night,
O Spirit of the ancient’s word,
O Dreamer of the life beyond,
O Wind of legend north,
O Teacher of the ways of earth,

Contemplation Four

O true Ancient of Days,
O true mountain,
O true sure-footed deer,
O sign of eternal favour,

O only cave
Where four directions blow:
(North, East, South, West)

O day of all earth’s creation bright,
O night of constellations of the heavens,

O Prayer for deeper meaning,
O Word for understanding,
O Diviner of the nature’s song,
O Highlands of the earth’s vast crags,
O Diversity of senses: vision, hearing, touch, and taste,

Contemplation Five

O true Daughter,
O true young singer,
O true vintage melody,
O spirit of the proverb’s last word,
Intuit the rhythm!

O only receiver
of the three promises of the Divine nature,
(live, love, breathe)
Perceive life and death!

O black-haired onyx stone,
O white-haired mouth of rosehip,
Boil water o’er the fire!

O Steeping tea of herbs, infusions of the soul,
O Poultice of medicinal worth,
O Tincture of the master’s hand,
O Ointment of the camphor’s cool,
O Triad with the drum beat,
Reweave eternal destiny!